Guidance For Creating a Clear and Comprehensive Scope Statement for Certification

A well-crafted scope statement for certification is crucial for an organization to communicate the activities controlled by and certified under their management system. This document provides guidance to help organizations create a scope statement that is clear, accurate, and non-ambiguous in relation to the type of activities, products, and services, applicable at each site.

Elements of a Comprehensive Scope Statement

Before you begin crafting your scope statement, ensure a clear understanding of your organization's context, including:
  1. Type of Activities, Products, and Services: Identify the range of activities, products, and services that are within the scope of your management system.
  2. Definition of Scope: Clearly describe the activities, products, and services included in the scope of your management system. Be specific and avoid ambiguity. Use product or service descriptions that align with common industry terminology. Do not use language that may include marketing or promotional statements (e.g. “World Class”)
  3. Exclusions, If Applicable: If certain requirements within the ISO standard are not applicable to your organization, provide a clear and concise explanation for the exclusions. Ensure that this aligns with the standard's guidelines.

Review and Approval

Before finalizing your scope statement, ensure that it is reviewed and approved by relevant stakeholders within your organization. This helps establish consensus and ensures that the statement accurately reflects your organization's intentions.
In conclusion, creating a comprehensive and non-ambiguous scope statement for certification is vital for your organization's ISO compliance and certification process. By following this guidance, you can communicate the boundaries of your management system effectively and pave the way for successful representation to your existing and potential clients what is and what is not covered withing your organizations management system under certification.
Sample Scope Statements

1. Manufacturing Company

The design, manufacture, assembly, and distribution of precision engineering components and systems for the aerospace industry.

2. Service Provider

The provision of management consulting services, including strategic planning, project management, and organizational development, to clients in the healthcare, financial, and technology sectors.

3. Medical Device Manufacturer

The design, manufacturing, and distribution of Class II medical devices, including orthopedic implants and surgical instruments.

4. Medical Service Provider

Design and Development of Software Solutions for PC, Real time and Critical Embedded Systems.

5. Aerospace Manufacturing Company

Design, manufacture, integration, and service of satellite communication systems for aviation, space, defense, and commercial applications.

6. Aerospace Service Company

Sales and service of 3-D non-contact and contact measuring equipment for inspection and reverse engineering to the commercial, aerospace, medical, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries.
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