The Executive Leading with Safety® Program

The DEKRA OSR Executive Leading with Safety® Program is designed to elevate the role of safety in an organization by preparing and motivating its executives to lead the effort, giving them the confidence and skills to mobilize the workforce to work more safely, thereby reducing accidents, illnesses, and costs.
The necessity of the program is that many executive leaders are not aware that what they say or don’t say can have broad implications on their workforce. The decisions they make can have a significantly positive or negative impact on the culture and morale of their workforce, and ultimately on safety decision-making. The unintended consequences of a careless or ill-considered statement from a leader should not be underestimated. Leadership decision-making is crucial for establishing, and maintaining, safety as a core value.
DEKRA OSR provides a support team that has deep knowledge in leadership, culture, safety and change execution along with practical experience in adapting this methodology to each client’s unique circumstances. The white paper, “The Executive Leading with Safety® Program,” explores:
  • The three elements of the Executive Leading with Safety® Program.
  • An explanation of DEKRA’s Safety Leadership Diagnostic Instrument (LDI) and how it assesses perceptions to which a leader uses a Transformational Leadership Style as well as his or her use of the seven Safety Leadership Best Practices.
  • The four assessed elements of transformational leadership.
  • A breakdown of the many team working sessions that are designed to challenge individual and group theories and beliefs about injury causation and culture, and what it takes to achieve safety excellence.
  • The role one-on-one mentoring plays in helping leadership understand the results of the individual safety leadership assessment and getting them to create a plan to help them more effectively demonstrate their commitment to safety.