Technology Industry Safety

Focusing on employee engagement programs to create a culture that works safer

Safety solutions on the cutting edge
Byte-sized and universal in impact, today’s technology solutions travel the world at light speed, affecting far reaches of the globe in an instant. Today’s tech companies are the risk-takers, the magic-makers, taking far-flung ideas and making them realities. Behind these technologies, though, are millions of employees making them happen. We proudly work with technology giants around the world to protect their employees and those affected by their work, collectively pushing new boundaries to make the world a better place for all.
Centralized safety in a decentralized world
The business of technology brings with it the unique concept of the virtual office. From a safety standpoint, having employees working from homes, cars and coffee shops around the world presents a unique but no less critical set of challenges. As with all forward-thinking businesses, the key is communication. Our leadership training solutions incorporate cutting-edge communication training, focusing on e-business programs and technologies to bridge the gaps created by today’s decentralized workplaces. Today’s technology giants may not operate out of one sole corporate location, but smart training, new technologies and our proven employee engagement programs can ensure that lines of communication remain just as open and accessible.
Leveraging our own technologies to help tech clients
Safety in the technology industry operates on a basic symmetry—our safety experts use cutting-edge technologies to deliver safety solutions to our technology clients. We are deeply committed to building a world-class collection of industry thought leaders, brilliant minds focused on finding and furthering cutting-edge solutions in the world of safety. Put simply: we have an unmatched understanding of safety. Our professionals are constantly developing and implementing new technologies and new ways of thinking—all with the goal of making the evolving ways that people work smarter and safer than ever before.
Virtual does not mean impersonal
Organizations that meet virtually, interface electronically and communicate digitally risk operating impersonally. Great technology leaders are able to engage their employees just as thoroughly as any bricks and mortar operation. Similarly, great safety leaders always remember that there are people behind the screens and at the end of lines; people who need the same assurance and safety protection as any other employee the world over. We help smart tech leaders create strategies for sustaining the safety and protection of their workforce, empowering leaders, listening to their employees, building engagement and loyalty, and rewarding safety excellence top to bottom throughout their organizations.