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DEKRA at EXPO REAL 2018 in Munich

Excellent Indoor Climate for Summer and Winter

8. Oct 2018

The increasingly hot summers in Europe are a challenge for developers, planners and contractors, according to real estate experts at DEKRA. Energy concepts for buildings need to be designed to cater for both winter and summer in equal measure. Thanks to contemporary construction with highly insulating structural elements and state-of-the-art energy concepts, it is still possible to create a pleasant indoor environment all year round.

DEKRA thermography

The hot summer of 2018 has once again demonstrated a recurring problem, which is that even if outside temperatures are consistently above 30 degrees Celsius, it should still be possible to create a cool and comfortable climate inside the house. In the summer, it is possible to work productively sleep quietly and restfully only if room temperatures are kept moderate.

Modern energy concepts not only brave the low temperatures in winter, but also create cool living spaces when it is hot outside. The goal here is to manage cooling and air conditioning systems without high energy consumption and costs. In addition, air conditioning becomes less cost-effective when it has to fight against the incoming heat caused by poorly insulated or protected structural elements.

Nowadays, there are many technical options for maintaining a consistent indoor climate. Basic prerequisites include well-insulating or insulated structural elements such as the masonry, supplemented by exterior shades on windows and combined heating and cooling ceiling systems. With this technology, a closed cooling or heating circuit employs hot or cold air exchange to save energy to achieve consistent temperatures and better comfort. If air conditioning is essential, it should be ascertained whether the required electricity can be produced in an environmentally friendly way using a photovoltaic system.

DEKRA advises that all these measures be subject to spot checks by an expert throughout construction, from planning to completion. Thus, developers can protect their investments with manageable effort and, ideally, identify serious defects in good time, since thermal bridges or defects in the technical building equipment can be eliminated once construction work is complete only with great effort, if they can be eliminated at all

DEKRA offers a comprehensive service for the real estate industry. Specialists and experts are available to assist investors, developers, project developers and service providers in real estate inspections, damage assessments, valuation, energy consulting, sustainability consulting and certification, building services and pollutant measurements.

DEKRA will be showcasing its services at EXPO REAL 2018 in Munich, Germany, from October 8 to October 10 in Hall B1, Stand 120.


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