Too big, too small, or just right? Is your EHS function optimized?

Some of the most frequently asked questions our experts receive are about optimizing the EHS function: “How big should our EHS function be?” “Should the EHS function be organized a specific way?” “Is my EHS team functioning at an optimal level?”
This webinar unpacks these questions and more by looking at the factors that go into optimizing an EHS function. In four segments, we’ll discuss:
  • Examining an organization for the types of risks and exposures inherent in its work
  • Who should own EHS responsibility—EHS? Operations? A combination?
  • The impact of things like geographic reach, size, and other factors
  • How the overall EHS goals of the organization (simple compliance, best in class, world-class) affects approach
Optimization isn’t a matter of arriving at a magic number of EHS professionals, but of holistically considering the organization’s make-up, needs, and goals.
Key Learnings:
  • Insights on the roles associated with controlling risks
  • How different strategies could affect reliability of results
  • Differing ways organizations might assign responsibility for various aspects of EHS
  • Strategies for aligning EHS according to organizational complexity.

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