Mastering TISAX®: Information Security in the Automotive Industry

Below you will find the recordings of DEKRA and Perseus Information Security's series of five free webinars on TISAX® assessments and information security, specifically tailored to the needs of the automotive industry and their suppliers.
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1. Introduction to TISAX®: Automotive Information Security Management

Part One: Introduction to TISAX®

Are you interested in TISAX® certification for your organization but are unsure about the process? This session is for anyone who is seeking to gain an understanding of TISAX or who wants to ensure their organization is prepared for a TISAX assessment.
Topics covered include:
  • Defining scope
  • Determining number of sites
  • Objectives of a TISAX assessment
  • Three levels of TISAX
  • Audit process Registering with ENX
2. Key Processes in an Information Security Management System
3. Securing the Supply Chain: TISAX®-Compliant Supplier Management
4. Data Privacy in the Automotive Supply Chain: Legal and Compliance Considerations for TISAX®
5. Centralized vs Locally-Managed: Technical Domains in TISAX®