Sustainable Sports

Bringing Sustainable Solutions to Professional Sports Clubs

Emerging as a prominent influence on every facet of modern life, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the realm of professional sports. Like corporations, professional sports clubs are increasingly expected to adapt sustainable policies designed to support responsible operations.

As an ethical partner in efforts to protect the planet and people, professional sports clubs can benefit from winning sustainability strategies and systems and support the long-term success of the sports industry as a whole. DEKRA experts help you champion the challenges of sustainable business to put you on the road to victory for a more responsible and prosperous future.

Our Sustainability Audit for Professional Sports Clubs

With many striving to meet mandatory requirements and others looking to take full advantage of the benefits and opportunities sustainable practices provide, savvy sports clubs are moving to get on the podium with proven sustainability success.
Specifically developed to address sustainability issues throughout professional sports clubs, our comprehensive audit is based on standards established by the Swiss sustainable///sports non-governmental organization. The pioneering sustainability label for professional sports clubs, sustainClub helps leaders integrate sustainability into overarching strategies and day-to-day operations. Established in 2019, sustainable///sports has already seen clubs in the 1st and 2nd German league awarded sustainClub certification.
Our customized audit enables you to achieve the sustainClub label letting fans, sponsors and other stakeholders know that you are committed to reducing your ecological footprint, improving the sustainability of your business practices and ensuring transparency in order to build a sustainable future.
Score the points you need to win with our reliable assessment of your sustainability efforts!

Our Approach

  1. Kick-off with customer
  2. Self-assessment by the club
  3. Desktop audit
  4. On-site audit
  5. Audit report and certification

About sustainClub

Setting standards for professional sports clubs, sustainClub is the first label providing the industry recognized sustainability certification. Based on the 3-pillar model, certification is subject to a catalog of around 180 evaluation criteria relevant to international standards and initiatives such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000 and SA 8000. Clubs and associations awarded sustainClub certification are demonstrably committed to a lower ecological footprint, economic sustainability, reporting transparency and positive societal development.

Gain from Our Expertise

  • DEKRA has extensive experience in integrating sustainability in the world of sports.
  • With over 120 accredited services, we conduct more than 30,000 audits per year.
  • Our sustainability specialists help companies optimize and effectively report on their environmental and social performance.
  • As holder of the EcoVadis platinum medal since 2020, DEKRA is in the top 1% of companies assessed in its peer group and strives to continuously improve its own sustainability performance.