DEKRA cooperates with Rinspeed on the "Σtos" concept car

Vehicles of the Future call for Independent Data Evaluation

Mar 02, 2016
  • Concept car being presented at the Geneva International Motor Show
  • Miniature industrial computer records drive and engine data continuously
  • DEKRA as a neutral organization involved in the evaluation

Swiss think tank Rinspeed will be presenting their fully functional self-driving concept car named "Σtos" for the first time in Europe at the Geneva International Motor Show. DEKRA Automobil GmbH is one of the partners of the project.

The concept car drives itself, can fold up the steering wheel and store it inside the dashboard if necessary, and cooperates with the drone that otherwise rides piggyback to complete different tasks. The intelligent miniature industrial computer "Mica" from industrial connectivity specialist Harting also illustrates how drive and engine data can be recorded and transmitted continuously. And this is precisely where the international expert organization DEKRA comes in as an independent and neutral partner.

"Highly automated vehicles of the future require independent data evaluation in various scenarios," states Dr. Gerd Neumann, Chairman of the Management Board of DEKRA Automobil GmbH. "Examples include consumption, distances and speeds but also error messages from the different systems. Such data can be of economic interest to fleet operators and individual vehicle owners and can first be analyzed from this perspective." Depending on the contractual agreements, for example between the vehicle manufacturer and the vehicle owner, cases could arise in which data evaluation by a neutral third party is important in order to clarify open questions to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

"The topic of independent vehicle data evaluation will become increasingly important in the coming years," says the DEKRA CEO. "This is why we are positioning ourselves accordingly as the leading testing and certification organization. We hope that our cooperation in the 'Σtos' project will yield a number of findings that will help us to make progress in this area."
For more information on the "Σtos," visit www​.rinspeed​.com