DEKRA at EXPO REAL 2019 in Munich

The Significance of True Value

Sep 30, 2019

Anyone purchasing real estate, real estate portfolios or industrial areas must be able to rely on the condition and safety of the building fabric and building technology. However, real estate experts at DEKRA are finding that the necessary technical due diligence (TDD) often becomes a bottleneck given the increasing complexity of such projects.

Structural and technical defects have a considerable influence on the value of a property to be purchased. They determine the estimated costs for maintenance and repair, and reflect the true potential for modernization or the true renovation costs that a property requires in the short, medium and long term. Determining the structural and technical condition of properties to be purchased always requires sufficient due diligence and the indispensable knowledge of numerous experts. This covers all aspects, including building fabric, building technology, fire safety and electrical installations, as well as building physics and sustainability.
“Coordination between the various technical experts across multiple locations and time frames and the compilation and evaluation of the individual appraisal reports requires experience and established processes within the organization,” said Andreas Kraus, Head of Construction and Real Estate at DEKRA. “Time delays and cost increases caused by problems and misjudgments relating to an incomplete acquisition appraisal that has not been performed with the required level of due diligence can rarely be compensated for during the course of the project.”
Due diligence can be custom-tailored to the specific project. Environmental due diligence to assess environmental risks is also essential when buying land. Experts assess not only possible contaminated areas and soil contamination, but also general site risks, hazardous substances in buildings and the environmental relevance of the current property use. For complex projects, a red-flag analysis is advisable during the due diligence process. This provides initial indications of major defects and maintenance backlogs, and enables priorities to be set early on in the purchasing process.
As Germany’s largest testing organization, DEKRA possesses the necessary expertise in all technical disciplines and delivers technical due diligence from a single source. Interdisciplinary teams assess housing complexes, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, logistics buildings, and business or industrial parks. As an international organization, DEKRA also coordinates the assignment of technical experts across national borders.
DEKRA at EXPO REAL 2019 in Munich (October 7 to 9)
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