DEKRA Rounds Off Its Testing Services for Fire-Extinguishing Systems

Stringency Check for Sprinklers

Feb 13, 2019

DEKRA is expanding its range of fire-safety services. The DEKRA laboratory for material testing and damage analysis in Saarbrücken now provides an accredited test bench for laboratory testing of sprinkler heads in line with VdS 2091. This rounds off DEKRA’s services relating to operation of fire-extinguishing systems.

The function of sprinkler systems in buildings must be regularly tested under the statutory fire-safety regulations. Wet-type sprinkler systems must be checked by technical experts on-site after 25 years, and dry-type sprinkler systems after 5 to 12.5 years depending on their condition. Sprinkler heads are taken for further laboratory inspections on a random-sample basis when doing so.
DEKRA now offers laboratory testing of sprinkler heads from existing sprinkler systems—including for experts and qualified persons. Services include a sprinkler test bench accredited under DIN EN ISO/IEC17025 as well as laboratory inspection of sprinkler heads from existing systems (appendix A, VdS 2091 with reference to DIN EN 12259). This comprises functional testing, testing of the water flow (K factor) and testing of the nominal response temperature.
In addition to sprinkler testing, non-destructive and destructive material inspections can also be performed on supply lines and add-on parts of the entire fire-extinguishing system at the DEKRA laboratory. The experts also prepare damage analyses, for example in the event of leaks or corrosion, and issue expert opinions in the event of damage.
DEKRA will be presenting its full range of fire-safety testing services at “FeuerTrutz,” the leading trade show for fire safety, in Nuremberg from February 20 to 21, 2019: Along with sprinkler testing, these comprise testing of fire-safety equipment, appointment of fire-safety officers, industrial fire safety, testing of fire-barrier measures during construction, fire-load calculations and smoke-extraction concepts.
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