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Integrated Safety Management Systems in the New Normal

Integrated Safety Management Systems in the New Normal

Integrated safety management (ISM) systems allow organizations to operate while protecting the health and well-being of the workforce. They help organizations define the scope of work, analyze the potential hazards, develop controls, and perform work to control the hazards. Ultimately, ISM systems dictate how work is conducted in order to protect workers and their environment.

The “new normal” of Covid-19 has created new public health challenges for organizations as they try to integrate protections in what they do.

DEKRA’s webinar, “Integrated Safety Management Systems in the New Normal” will examine how ISM systems must accommodate social distancing, masks, and sanitation measures, new training that must be adopted, and risks that may develop from these new adjustments in the workplace. The system acts as a partner to observers by creating stronger focus in effective risk identification and barrier removal.

DEKRA’s Director of Consulting Safety Services Joe Melton and Senior Safety Consultant Corey Hopkins will discuss measures organizations can take to adapt their ISM systems for this new environment. Up for discussion are:

  • How an integrated safety management system enhances safety performance
  • How increased awareness empowers safety teams to make changes and gives them the tools to verify that those changes are effective in an observation process.
  • The importance and impact of being able to link incidents, audits, policies training, and more for full visibility.
  • Case study on how an ISM system helped a leading producer of lawn & garden and pet supplies thrive throughout the U.S. during the earliest days of Covid-19.