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Stagnant BBS Programs: What Causes Them and How to Revamp

During this webinar, DEKRA Management System’s Director of Consulting Services, Joe Melton, discusses the downfall of stagnant BBS programs and the importance of revamping. The webinar will cover what a stagnant BBS program looks like, what causes this stagnation and tips to increase communication, engage both employees and leadership and bring the excitement of making a difference back into your program.

BBS: Why It Works

During this session DEKRA Management System's Director of Consulting Services, Joe Melton, reviews the foundation of a solid Behavior Based Safety program while analyzing key factors identified in successful programs. The webinar will display specific case studies showing multiple models of a BBS programs and the results yielded on:

• Lagging indicators, such as reduction in recordable incidents, restricted duty and lost time severity.

• Soft returns such as morale, engagement, empowerment, communication, trust, integrity and leadership.

• Indirect aspects of a business such as production, efficiencies, customer service, public image, waste/mistake reduction and quality improvements.

This session is beneficial for organizations researching options for custom built BBS programs and results others have seen from these models, as well as information on ROI of a BBS program and the impact it has the non-measurable aspects of an organization.

Adaptive BBS™: The 10 Second Observation

During this webinar, Tim Boyer, Managing Director of DEKRA Management Systems, discusses and demos the Adaptive BBS™ Software platform and its mobile capabilities. This behavior-based safety management system is designed to foster multiple feedback channels that improve effective and efficient safety conversations and risk removal.

Insight Via™ Application Training: Audit Management

During this training session attendees will learn how to document and track audit activities within their organization using the Audit Application in Insight Via. The presenter will review the application side of the tool to teach the attendees how to track and complete audits.

Insight Via™ Application Training: Behavior Based Safety

During this training session, attendees will learn how to add and track observations using the Behavior Based Safety application in Insight Via. The presenter will review the application side of the tool to teach the attendees how to add observations using the online feature, scan forms and the mobile tool.

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