Expert Organization DEKRA Expands Online Tool

Services for the Global Automotive Supply Industry at a Glance

Sep 13, 2016
  • Portal is available in five languages
  • Compact and intuitive: Overview of all services
  • Convenient access according to the individual component

The expert organization DEKRA provides a multitude of services in the area of component testing for the global automotive industry. The wide range of services are bundled in a compact and clear online tool. It is available in five languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

At www​.dekra-supplier-services​.com , customers from the automotive supply industry can get an overview of what various DEKRA experts around the world can specifically do for them. Access is very convenient since practically every single vehicle component group can be selected separately.

For example, brake manufacturers can find targeted information about services related to brake systems. Those dealing with driver assistance systems will directly find offers in their field. Purchasers for car seat manufacturers can click directly on the “Seats” dot in the stylized vehicle on the screen.

Other menu items include Engine and Power Unit, Steering, Wheels and Tires, Fuel System and Interior. In addition, those interested in targeted information on the transmission, doors, restraint and safety systems, lighting, or windshield and mirrors will find what they are looking for immediately. DEKRA’s services are bundled in 24 different categories overall.

Experts at the DEKRA Automobil Test Center (DATC) in Klettwitz, Germany, are involved here. They also deal with EU-wide homologation and type testing on vehicles as a whole, system components and parts. The services of DEKRA’s chemical laboratory in Stuttgart and DEKRA’s laboratory for material testing in Saarbrücken are also available. On top of this, the experts at DEKRA’s laboratories in Arnhem in the Netherlands and China in addition to DEKRA’s subsidiary AT4 wireless in the Spanish city of Malaga all provide their services in the areas of lighting, connectivity, cybersecurity and electromagnetic compatibility, among other things.