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Insight Via™ Safety Management System

For the Agriculture and Food and Feed Manufacturing Industries

A Tool to Manage Data with Precision.

Insight Via for the Ag Industry

The Insight Via™ Safety Management System (SMS) allows a vast amount of information to be recorded from multiple different sources that food, beverage, and feed producers can access from one convenient portal. This system removes the barrier of information silos and creates a single approach to safety that puts people first.

The integrated and configurable applications of Insight Via™ give control, consistency and continuity to your safety process while freeing up valuable time that can be spent proactively mitigating risk in the workplace. In one portal, users can access up to 15 applications like;

  • Document Management
  • Auditing & Inspections
  • Incident Reporting
  • Training Documentation
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • And Much More

Users can efficiently and effectively manage data from a corporate level, or drill down into each location. They can also use it to track and monitor all QMS components to drive continuous improvement, as well as report quality incidents in compliance with all industry requirements.

The system also allows central document control, with the ability for multiple locations to input their own facility specific information. Through its integrated workflow, Insight Via™ allows users to incorporate and communicate safety in a single holistic program.

InsightVia for Ag

Perfect For Food and Beverage Manufacturers, Feed Manufacturers, and Agricultural Cooperatives

Insight Via™ is tailored for the modern food, beverage, and feed producer, whether it’s a gristmill, cannery, food processing plant, or any other large-scale food and beverage manufacturing operation that needs to track compliance for the health and safety of its workers and the environmental integrity of its product. This is especially true for agricultural cooperatives where different components of one system need management in one spot.

What also makes a solution like Insight Via™ so relevant today are the requirements established by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which now requires all food regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (75 percent of the U.S. food supply) to follow specific preventative controls and meet certain certifications and verifications to reduce contamination.

For the modern food, beverage, or feed producer that means producing reports, following standards, creating strategies, and achieving certifications to verify they are in compliance. That’s where Insight Via™ comes in: It is designed to help food producers develop programs to remain compliant to all FSMA standards and regulations and much more.

The Insight Via™ Difference

Insight Via™ is the industry standard for food, beverage and feed producers and manufacturers because of the people. From friendly customer service to accessible account managers to an annual user conference, Insight Via™ subscribers are always connected to a network that can answer questions and help their organizations thrive.

With DEKRA’s superior in-house customer service, users always have the ear of a professional ready to help. You’re not talking to an automated voice service or someone on another continent. You get a real person helping you overcome your challenges in real time. Insight Via™ customer service also includes live chat and a virtual library for self-learning. Do you need a customized solution? DEKRA account managers can help make that a reality.

The annual – and free – Insight Via™ user conference ups the game for subscribers. Over a day and a half, users have access to:

  • Networking sessions with fellow safety professionals in the agriculture and food manufacturing industries where they can share best practices across the industry.
  • One-on-one time with subject matter experts who are available to answer questions, solve problems, share tips, and more.
  • Opportunities to refresh Insight Via™ training and get updates on the software.
  • Leadership and reporting/analysis sessions to get the most out of Insight Via™ from the people who know it best.