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Large-Scale Test Site

Large-Scale Testing

DEKRA maintains a large-scale testing facility for material classification, hazard analysis support and customized testing requirements. Located 90 miles from Chicago, this 100-acre test site is staffed by personnel with extensive experience in designing experiments to conduct explosives, energetics, chemical reaction and flammable system testing in accordance with defense industry, transportation authorities and specialized client requirements. We can help you pre-create or recreate energetic and explosives incident scenarios to help you advance your investigation or research needs.

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DEKRA provides hazardous materials classification and examination for Transportation that meet United Nations (UN), Department of Transportation (DOT), and International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements. More specifically, the Large-scale facility is a DOT approved explosives examination and testing laboratory, CA2010040008, Cage code 8T2M7, and is ITAR compliant.

Testing Facility

Several testing areas for the safety evaluation of energetic materials are available on the site. These include the following types of test areas:

  • Remote testing capabilities
  • Ballistic range / gun proof firing
  • Firing / blast bunkers
  • Open air blast / explosion testing area
  • Slow cook-off / Fast cook-off / External Fire test / Bonfire area
  • Self-Acceleration Decomposition Test (SADT) Facility
  • 12-meter (40 feet) drop tower
  • Explosive magazine storage capabilities
  • DOT competent authority approved laboratory

Typical Activities at the Test Site

The following activities are well suited to the test site operations:

  • Explosive classification (articles and substances)
  • Customized failure / Incident Pre-creation and re-creation simulations
  • Explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics safety and performance testing
  • Flammability testing for battery gases (ISO 817)
  • Refrigerant classification testing (ASHRAE 34)
  • Small-scale explosive testing
  • Large-scale dust explosion testing
  • Self-accelerating decomposition test (SADT)
  • Fire suppression testing
  • Detonation and explosion propagation in energetic materials and systems
  • TNT equivalence
  • Blast output of chemicals and energetic materials
  • Solids, liquids, or gases can be tested for initiation sensitivity, speed of propagation, and explosiveness
  • Explosives and chemical hazard testing
  • Energetic materials testing
  • Thermal, burn and fire testing
  • Hazardous materials classification for transportation
  • Design customized process simulation testing
  • Pilot plant safety operations validation
  • Proof testing of gun systems
  • Bullet impact ignition potential

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