Full Scale Simulation Testing

Full Scale Simulation Testing - DEKRA Process Safety

We conduct full scale simulation tests on fires in industrial and storage settings. These full scale simulation tests of fire scenarios reproduce and demonstrate the development of various phases or the entire process of a fire, from ignition until the fire is fully developed and extinguished. These tests are fully documented, and data collected during these tests can be input into appropriate fire models.

Small and Intermediate-Scale Fire Tests on Materials and Products

We use highly instrumented small and intermediate-scale fire simulation and standardized condition tests to obtain the quantitative data needed for evaluation of a product involved in a fire. During these tests we obtain data on ignition parameters, flame spread parameters, heat release rate, fluxes from the flames, and others data points.

Investigation of Ignition Mechanisms

We analyze and experimentally reproduce mechanisms that can lead to ignition of electrical devices and other products and materials. These studies usually combine the theory of ignition with practical circumstances that can lead to ignition of various products due to electrical or other sources of heat.