Fire/Flammability Testing & Consulting

Fire/Flammability Testing

Fire testing is used to develop the data on the flammability performance of textiles, plastics, fire extinguisher media, and other related materials. The subject of “standard” methods for conducting flammability testing is sometimes complicated in the sense that one central agency or jurisdiction with exclusive authority for the fire and burn standards and test methods does not generally exist; therefore, a variety of testing analyses may be used to establish the data required to obtain certifications your company needs.

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We offer research and testing support services to wide range of industries and governments interested in developing new products, or modifying their existing products in order to satisfy flammability, fire resistance, or other fire safety related requirements.

We have extensive laboratory facilities and substantial expertise in assisting our clients in developing customized fire safety testing of materials and articles. For burn analyses of other types of materials, fabrics, and furniture, our designated fire laboratories conduct ASTM, NFPA and similar state and local standard tests. Our large-scale custom fire testing services are conducted about 90 miles from Chicago, Illinois at our remote test site. The facility is 100 plus acres in size, and is staffed by personnel with extensive experience in designing and conducting large-scale materials and systems fire and safety testing and analysis.

Several buildings at our remote test site house a variety of processing equipment for formulating, mixing, screening, pressing, and remote control operations of materials testing. Our facility also has a number of testing areas that are used for safety evaluation of material and processes, and specialized equipment for other Large-scale, UN/DOT testing. Our fire testing services are described briefly, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Research and Development of new material compositions with optimal flammability properties
  • Regulatory fire rating requirements for existing materials and assemblies
  • Testing for effective fire suppression systems and sprinkler systems
  • Fire protection engineering, testing and Consulting
  • Fire litigation support Testing and consulting,
  • Fire simulation testing, and internationally known fire research studies
  • Fire and flame spared simulation study in buildings and vehicles
  • Energetic materials fire and thermal testing
  • Thermal stability, Runaways and Autoignition temperatures
  • Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT) testing
  • Standard fire testing (ASTM d1929, E659, E681, E918)
  • Mil-STD fire testing (Slow Cook-off, Fast Cook-off, External (bonfire) fire)
  • DOT/UN/ GHS materials characterizations
  • Open and confined Dust Explosion Hazards Testing,
  • Gas , vapor, liquid and solid Flammability Hazards Testing and analysis
  • Alternative refrigerant fire testing , classification small and large scale
  • Electrostatic hazards (charge generation, charge decay)


If you store or process flammable gases or liquids and need to access your fire and explosion risks, our flammability testing lab can provide you with all of the critical flammable property data needed to assess risk at both ambient and process conditions.

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