Fire & Burn Testing

Fire/Flammability Testing

Formal fire testing represents the foundation for obtaining defensible data regarding the fire and/or flammability performance of manufacturing materials, assemblies, and processes. These include chemical feed stocks, intermediates, and finished products, along with the processes that impact them. Also included are textiles, plastics, building materials, structural assemblies, fire extinguishing agents, and any other materials that can impact or be impacted by fire. Test data can also contribute to developing effective fire protection methods, programs, and strategies ranging from preventing fires to mitigating their impact when they do occur.

Testing methods can be applied to a range of items from individual compounds or components, to assembled products, to identifying the characteristics of potentially hazardous chemical processes or reactions under normal and abnormal conditions. Fire testing encompasses a wide spectrum of small, medium, and large-scale methods that ultimately impact life safety, property protection, and business continuity.

The subject of “standard” test methods for fire testing is often complicated by the plethora of stakeholders in the fire testing and regulatory world. These stakeholders include governmental agencies, independent standards writing organizations, and private sector entities such as the insurance industry or trade associations that publish, conduct, or mandate various modes of testing or performance. There is usually no one single central agency, jurisdiction, or organization with exclusive authority for developing or mandating fire and flammability standards and test methods; hence, a variety of testing analyses may be needed to establish the data required to obtain certifications your company needs.

DEKRA offers research and testing support services to a wide range of industries and governmental entities in developing new products or modifying their existing products in order to satisfy flammability, fire resistance, or other fire safety related requirements. Our vast experience in the fire consulting and testing arena can provide a vital resource in navigating the intricate maze of requirements and complex science of fire testing.