Thought Leaders

Tom Brower


Vice President, Executive Consultant



  • Causal analyses
  • Executive coaching
  • Performance improvement
  • Design and implementation of process and technical safety

“My mission is to help organizational leaders improve future performance by understanding the causes of their current performance. It is very rewarding to help clients shape their culture and help them achieve the excellence in performance they are striving for.”

As Vice President at DEKRA, Tom has a broad background in the safety, health, and environmental field, with experience ranging from program development at the site level to global corporate system creation. He regularly works with executive teams on the development of insights into the causes of their current performance enabling them to develop targeted performance improvement strategies.

A recognized investigator, Tom has scrutinized more than 100 significant incidents, and taught advanced root cause analysis investigation techniques at both public and private symposia.

Tom is a highly respected speaker and has developed courses and seminars, and has presented on safety systems, process safety, leadership, investigation techniques, and performance improvement at national and international conferences.

Long before Tom joined DEKRA in 2015, he spent 20 years working with DEKRA as a client. He gained more than 30 years of international industrial experience, advancing to senior director of safety and health for the world’s largest fertilizer company.

Tom is a Certified Safety Professional, and a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental management from the University of Maryland.

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