RINCON® Software Overview

Empowering processes with observation data

A Standalone 1-Day Workshop or Day 5 Extension of the Facilitator Skills and Managing an Established Process Workshops

Rincon Software brings Observation Data to life, helping sites manage, analyze, and report on observation data to illuminate exposures and opportunities. This workshop introduces participants to key features, utilities, informative reports, and how Rincon software can be extended with familiar tools like Microsoft Excel.

Among the topics covered:

  • Building Data Entry Fluency
  • How to get around in the Rincon landscape and capture meaningful data to surface process opportunities.
  • Using Built-In Reports
  • Understand the diverse out-of-the-box reporting capabilities of Rincon software and how to apply them in your process.
  • Report and Graph Generation
  • Learn how to compile observation data into compelling reports and build visual models to drive home findings.
  • Configuration
  • Gain insight into custom configuration capabilities to see how it can be tailored to your unique process components.
  • User Networking
  • Connect with other Rincon users and BST’s senior expert on applying Rincon software in diverse process settings.
  • Participants will leave Rincon® Software Overview with a sound understanding of the application’s primary functionality and the benefits it can bring to your safety process.

REGISTRATION FOR THE U.S. EVENTS: In the U.S., the Rincon Software Overview is offered as an add-on to the Facilitator Skills or Managing an Established Process workshops. You will be given the option to add it during the registration process for either of those two workshops. For more information please email us or call (805) 665-6158.


Friday August 23, 2019Oxnard, CA, United States$650
Friday September 20, 2019Oxnard, CA, United States$650
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