Creating Injury-Free Cultures

Moving culture in desired directions can be one of the most challenging tasks facing an organization. Underlying values, norms, and attitudes often stymie improvement and bring cynicism to new approaches. But when organizations and leaders have a clear view of what they want their culture to be, an objective and data-centered view of their culture’s present state, and a comprehensive plan to bridge the gap, they then have the ingredients for developing a culture where “safety is who we are.” Our clients that have taken this journey see:

  • Engaged employees that proudly “own” safety for themselves and their coworkers
  • Decreasing injury rates and the elimination of exposures for long-term success
  • Improvements that extend beyond safety (e.g. reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, higher job satisfaction)
  • Energized leaders that adopt transformational leadership best practices in support of safety
  • Strengthened work relationships that thrive in a feedback-rich environment


Having a clear picture of the current condition of your culture and understanding how it influences performance is critical to reaching your desired state. DEKRA Insight's capabilities help you identify, assess, and shape the dimensions of organizational culture predictive of safety outcomes. DEKRA Insight's methodology and safety experts provide decades of practical experience in creating lasting cultural change by:

  • Accurately measuring the cultural factors predictive of safety performance
  • Enhancing cultural improvement efforts with safety leadership development
  • Prioritizing cultural improvement opportunities to areas that need it the most
  • Awakening individual value for safety where "doing the right thing" is the reliable norm
  • Identifying quick-win "climate" improvement opportunities that when sustained shape culture
  • Instilling proactivity and leading indicator thinking to manage exposures
  • Applying benchmark comparisons to calibrate industry performance