Risk-taking and the Brain

Risk-taking and the Brain

Continued incidents and unplanned events that interrupt operations, provide evidence that the related risks taken are actually viewed as acceptable by some but espoused by others as too risky after the fact. Risk-based decision-making is very often fraught with confusion about what is most important, and critically, what should be done first in the moment. This “operational misalignment” leaves people vulnerable to injury and undermines safe and reliable performance.

In this white paper, we discuss the gaps most organizations have within their work system and discusses a systemic approach for minimizing operational risk and aligning the organization for consistently safe performance.

In our complimentary white paper we cover:

1. How organizational practices and directives contribute to risk perceptions and risk taking in the workplace

2. Steps to aligning risk-related decisions with organizational priorities

3. Leadership’s role influencing consistency risk-based decisions in the face of conflicting inputs

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