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Nationwide DEKRA Survey about Christmas

Only around one in three light real candles

16. Dec 2016

DEKRA fire

  • Nearly one in five complain about how “very stressful” and “very commercial” it is
  • Christmas – a Family Holiday
  • 7% are not protected against fire hazards

For most Germans (82%) Christmas is one thing above all: a “family holiday.” 42% see Christmas as a “celebration of joy.” But for nearly one in five people, Christmas is also “very stressful” (19%) and “very commercial” (18%/multiple answers possible). These are the findings of a nationwide survey of 1,624 people conducted by the expert organization DEKRA.

It also showed that 82% of those surveyed adorn their homes with Advent wreaths, branches and Christmas decorations during the holiday season. 44% also put Christmas lights outside, which is a particularly popular form of decoration among elderly people. As a whole, Germans use electric candles much more often than real wax candles. 42% use electric candles only, and only around one in three people (31%) light real candles. 7% do not have any Christmas decorations at all.

To protect themselves from the risk of a fire caused by candles, three out of four of those surveyed (78%) observe common safety rules, such as maintaining a safe distance between candles and other objects or keeping an eye on children and pets. One in five (21%) use dripless candles that go out by themselves and 20% have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher ready as a precaution. 62% have installed smoke alarms just in case. 7% do not observe any particular safety measures.

A total of 1,624 people took part in the survey. They came from all over Germany to one of 46 DEKRA branches for the general inspection of their vehicle.

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