DEKRA: EU Planning Increased Monitoring

Online Shops Must Label Hazardous Materials Correctl

Apr 19, 2016
There are products for sale on the internet that are classified as hazardous under the CLP labeling regulation, such as spray cans, paints, or cleaning materials. The experts from DEKRA wish to point out that online retailers must correctly indicate the CLP label not only on the product, but on their websites as well. The relevant authorities will soon be starting an EU-wide project to monitor compliance with the regulation.

Online retailers must disclose the hazard classes or categories of the materials in their advertising (Art. 48 of the CLP regulation). This applies to specialized retailers as well as online offers for end users. For mixtures that are available for purchase by private end users, the hazard characteristics must be disclosed on the label. This is to ensure that the buyer is informed of the hazards before buying the product, and not only by the label.

DEKRA specialists therefore recommend that retailers immediately check whether the product information in their online catalogs and shops includes the necessary information as per CLP. The surveillance authorities are planning to carry out their inspections before the end of the year. A violation of the information obligation under Art. 48 is a criminal offense; it can lead to fines of up to EUR 50,000.

DEKRA also points out that, depending on the type of chemical product, there may be other labeling obligations to observe. If in doubt, retailers should contact experts in order to make sure that all relevant labeling is included. In commercial retail, it is also recommended to make the safety information sheets available online with the product description.

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