DTM Launches 2017 Season with DEKRA

More Performance, Less Downforce – Focus Remains on Safety

Apr 28, 2017
  • Changes to the technical rules for the upcoming season
  • DEKRA is responsible for conducting the technical acceptance inspection
  • Official technical partner of the racing series since 1989

The weekend of May 5–7 heralds the launch of the new DTM season at Hockenheim. This year will see some changes to the technical rules for the race series. As the official technical partner, DEKRA will be monitoring compliance with the rules. Under the authority of the DMSB (Germany’s motor racing governing body), DEKRA engineers are responsible for conducting the technical inspection on the racing weekends.

The rule changes promise even more exciting races and increased spectator appeal. Overall, they will ensure that driving skills play an even greater role.

Firstly, this will be ensured by enhanced engine performance. The two air restrictors have been increased in size from 28 mm to 29 mm. The focus will nevertheless remain on engine durability, with one engine generally lasting a whole season. Between races, the engines are only allowed to be inspected, not modified to enhance performance.

Secondly, new aerodynamic restrictions will apply. The geometries of the front splitters, underbodies and rear diffusers have been standardized. This reduces the downforce acting on the racing cars, which, in turn, makes even greater demands on the driver. In addition, a more efficient DRS (drag reduction system) will encourage more overtaking maneuvers.

The use of standard components has been systematically expanded in all areas of the car – not just the underbody – as a means of cutting costs. The biggest change apart from the underbody is the use of a standard chassis. The DTM standard wheel is also new: All 18 cars now have not only the same tires (as they did before), but also the same wheel rims.

DEKRA experts will continue to monitor the pioneering safety concept – introduced in 2012 – for DTM cars with a monocoque and a total of six crash structures for head-on, rear and side impacts. “DEKRA has been promoting safety for more than 90 years now. With respect to our involvement in the DTM, safety has of course been playing a key role here, too, and will continue to do so” says DEKRA motorsport coordinator Wolfgang Dammert. “Our DTM team is looking forward to the new season, which promises exciting races and a safe environment for drivers, teams and on-site spectators alike.”