DEKRA Survey on Internet-Enabled Toys by forsa

Leaving the Spy Out in the Cold

Jan 28, 2019

Concerns about data security are the most important aspect for parents when buying Internet-enabled toys. This is one of the findings of a representative Germany-wide forsa survey of over 1,500 people commissioned by DEKRA. Internet in children’s rooms arouses skepticism.

  • Data protection is the most important aspect in children’s room 4.0
  • Parents, grandparents and other respondents are equally skeptical
  • Test marks and test seals are more important than brand name or manufacturer
More and more toys are controlled via apps and connected with Internet-enabled devices or directly to the Internet. Yet skepticism reigns when it comes to buying these kinds of products for children aged 14 or under: When asked if they would consider buying one, four out of five respondents replied “probably not” (50%) or “definitely not” (32%). Answers differed very little between parents and grandparents of children aged up to 14 and other respondents.
Data security was cited as the most important aspect in a potential purchase: 83 percent said this was “very important”. An independent test mark or test seal came second with 59 percent. Price is “very important” to 30 percent, while only 13 percent say the same about brand or manufacturer. Here too, there is no discernible difference between parents, grandparents and the respondents overall.
The majority stated that they were well informed about Internet-enabled devices. Around two thirds described their knowledge and skills as “good” or “very good.” Around a third assessed them as “not particularly good” or “not good at all.” Under-30s rated themselves particularly highly here. Most over-60s and grandparents stated that they have limited knowledge of Internet-enabled devices.
There are high levels of concern among all respondents that Internet-enabled toys could spy on personal data, with 88 percent agreeing with this statement. 83 percent are worried that children may become dependent on Internet-enabled toys, and 80 percent fear that hackers could penetrate their home network. Fewer respondents saw positive effects: 55 percent believe that Internet-enabled toys help children to learn. Only 27 percent think that they are good for children’s language development.
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