Type approval for cyber security and software updates

KBA Names DEKRA as a Technical Service for Vehicle Cyber Security

Aug 23, 2021

DEKRA is now also a Technical Service for cyber security and software updates in the automotive sector. DEKRA Automobil GmbH’s appointment by the KBA (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) has been expanded to encompass UN Regulations 155 (Cyber Security) and 156 (Software Updates). It is the next step in DEKRA’s focus on digitalization. Cyber security is an important strategic pillar for the company in this respect.

  • DEKRA experts now audit manufacturers according to new UN regulations
  • •Several projects with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in progress
  • DEKRA expertise pooled in the Cyber Security Hub
For all new vehicles that enter the market from 2024 onward, manufacturers must ensure that they are safe from tampering in the areas of connectivity and data transfer. That is why during the past year, the UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) published standards that are now becoming enshrined in law. These regulations set out that manufacturers must operate a certified management system for both cyber security (UN Reg. 155) and software updates (UN Reg. 156) over the vehicle’s entire lifespan. These management systems must be audited every three years and demonstrated by the manufacturer for all new vehicles.
“This additional appointment is an important milestone for DEKRA and is the logical next step as we systematically expand our future mobility services,” says Guido Kutschera, Chairman of the Management Board at DEKRA Automobil GmbH. “This will enable us to offer our customers type approval for cyber security management systems and software updates as well as for automated driving functions, all from a single source.” At the Lausitzring racetrack DEKRA’s experts have Europe’s largest independent test track for automated and connected vehicles. For the purposes of the appointment, DEKRA Automobil GmbH’s type approval experts are working very closely with their counterparts from DEKRA DIGITAL and DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH.
“Cyber security is one of DEKRA’s strategic focal points, which underpins our role as a partner for both physical and digital safety in the field of mobility,” says Dr. Kerim Galal, CEO of DEKRA DIGITAL. DEKRA has responded to these new requirements, including those in the automotive sector, by establishing its own Cyber Security Hub. Managed by DEKRA DIGITAL, this is where existing expertise is bundled, existing services are improved, and new ones are developed.
Increased focus on new regulations among vehicle manufacturers
Several vehicle manufacturers are already working together with DEKRA for cyber security services. Experts from several DEKRA departments are currently drawing up the required appraisal reports. “The decisive factor is for vehicle manufacturers, including all suppliers, to comply with the UNECE regulations throughout the vehicle’s entire lifespan – from development to decommissioning,” says Thomas Thurner, Head of Cyber Security at DEKRA DIGITAL. “With our new appointment, DEKRA can do more than just offer services as part of the development process. We can also serve customers independently during the type approval process.”