Damage Appraisals

DEKRA provides unbiased mechanical damage inspections for leaders in the extended service contract, warranty, mechanical breakdown, “legal examination service” and insurance industries as well as the nation's largest quick lube operators, new and rebuilt engine component manufacturers, and a number of other industries that face claim validation uncertainty across the United States and Canada.

damage appraisals

DEKRA's comprehensive reports and photographs provide an accurate, timely, expert assessment on what parts failed and the most prudent approach for repair. Services include:

  • Total Loss Inspection
  • Fire Inspection and Cause & Origin Reports
  • Repair Estimate Validation
  • Insurance Claim Inspection
  • Warranty or Service Contract Inspection
  • Physical Damage Appraisals

Damage Inspection Overview

Our experienced inspector completes a rigorous checklist to thoroughly evaluate the cause and extent of mechanical damage to a vehicle, including:

  • Visual inspection of the interior and exterior (photographs to document damage)
  • VIN and odometer confirmation
  • Check of levels and condition of fluids and presence of leaks
  • Mechanical failures as confirmed by the repair facility
  • Physical Damage tickets (Repair Orders) based on all estamatics programs