Improvement in Action

Improvement in Action

Future-Proof Your Quality and Safety Management Systems

Two knowledge-packed conferences back-to-back

Improvement in Action is a brand-new conference from DEKRA, focusing on quality management and continual improvement strategies. Immediately following will be the world-leading Safety in Action conference at the same venue in Nashville, TN.


Monday, April 1st

1:00pmSign-in begins
2:00pmWelcome and Q&A
Introduction by CRO Eric Labe and President Dr. Cem Onus
3:00pmInformation and Data Security for the Future
Technology is advancing at an ever-quicker pace, and the impacts of disruption are becoming greater. How can your IT department prepare through internal and external audits that add value in the face of the risks inherent in today's digital world?
4:00pmTechnological Advancements in Auditing
The use of remote and computer-assisted techniques while auditing isn't new, but it is growing. There is also new guidance to consider from ANAB and IAF on how ICT can appropriately fit into an audit plan for the most value-added outcome.
5:00pmEnd of Day 1 Sessions
6:00pmDEKRA Appreciation Reception and Dinner
A dinner thanking DEKRA clients and stakeholders and recognizing their accomplishments

Tuesday, April 2nd

9:00amDay 2 Opening Remarks
Elizabeth Zimmerman of Western Digital Corporation. She is currently the management representative for Western Digital’s IMS and is focused on integrating EHS governance and implementation across the company’s growing portfolio of global operations.
10:00amEnergy Efficiency Management
How can you achieve your sustainability goals by using intelligent business practices? It's easier than it sounds - empower your team members to make a difference.
11:00amStrategies for Scalable Management Systems
12:00pmLunch provided
1:00pmISO 45001: The New Workplace Safety Standard
What is ISO 45001 all about? Maybe you are certified to OHSAS 18001, or maybe you are new to safety management systems altogether. We will start from scratch to explain how ISO 45001 will fundamentally change safety across industries.
3:00pmBenefits of Integrated Management Systems
4:00pmEnd of Day 2 sessions
6:00pmMeet for shuttle to dinner in downtown Nashville

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