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Heavy Truck and Equipment Condition Reports You Can Trust

A global leader in safety, DEKRA offers an unbiased and comprehensive inspection process to ensure the most accurate condition reports available.

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Condition reports are critical to assess the condition of heavy trucks and equipment at trade-in, end-of-lease, for insurance policies or to support company acquisitions. As an independent and neutral third party, DEKRA provides a deeply comprehensive, unbiased condition report both the buyer and seller can trust. Our inspectors are experienced, certified diesel mechanics, and most are full-time DEKRA employees. This ensures consistent excellence across every report and every region.

Depend on DEKRA: Your Trusted Partner

At DEKRA, our one and only goal is to provide an accurate condition report in a timely manner. We do not buy or sell equipment or offer repairs. When you work with us, you’ll know the report you receive is impartial and precise. We do not offer our opinion—we only state the facts. Our unbiased approach makes DEKRA the most trusted partner for both buyers and sellers.

Awesome Advantages

Choose DEKRA to enjoy these valuable benefits:

  • Unbiased approach: As an independent 3rd party, we provide the most thorough reports in the industry.
  • In-depth inspections: We go beyond diagnostics. Our inspections include a full range of tests, such as a Figure 8, Snap, Cluster and an optional Forced REGEN.
  • Comprehensive reports: Our detailed reports include photo documentation of key findings and a quality check before it’s electronically sent to the customer.
  • Certified inspectors: DEKRA inspectors are highly experienced, trained and certified diesel mechanics.
  • Wide-ranging services: We offer all types of inspections, including trailers, buses, construction equipment, forklifts and re-inspections.
  • Unmatched expertise: Each year, DEKRA performs more than 26 million technical inspections worldwide.

Fleet Condition Report by DEKRA

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Seller Benefits: Top Dollar & Ultimate Protection

DEKRA condition reports are proven to boost the sales price of vehicles sold independently or at auction. This higher sales price is often enough to cover the cost of the inspection several times over. Plus, sellers who obtain an independent report from us protect themselves from future liability by providing full disclosure of the vehicle's condition from an unbiased third party.

Buyer Benefits: Smart Negotiations & Peace of Mind

When buyers are unable to visit onsite, DEKRA inspections allow them to evaluate the condition of individual vehicles or fleets through a knowledgeable assessment by a seasoned expert. Our accurate and unbiased inspection reports allow buyers to make informed pricing negotiations. With DEKRA, buyers gain peace of mind that they are getting the best possible deal.

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