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Drone Inspection Services

Tackle your biggest inspection challenges with state-of-the-art drone inspections.

Inspection Drone

As the partner for a safe world, we believe that robots should handle hazardous investigations and assessments whenever possible. Our trained pilots and drone technology allow you to keep employees safe while capturing crystal clear images and accurate data from your most complex assets.

The unique design of the inspection drone makes it perfect for indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. It flies where other drones cannot, including GPS-denied environments and unstructured spaces without requiring human access or line of sight. Our trained pilots capture high-definition images in the most challenging locations, including dust-filled environments. Our experts can also create custom inspection programming to capture consistent data when conducting repetitive tasks, following long patterns, or inspecting similar structures.

This remote visual inspection tool can be applied to a range of industries. For oil, gas, utility, and power generation companies, the drone offers a solution for inspecting smokestacks, storage tanks, offshore rigs, turbines, and generators. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies have utilized drone inspection for storage tanks, heat exchangers, fermenter tanks, storage silos, and pipe racks. Drone inspection also is ideal for maritime transportation and mining.


Unparalleled Accessibility

The cage design of our drone has an overall diameter of 40 cm (15.7 in). It fits into standard manholes and other confined spaces with ease. It can safely and easily be flown into assets without human access.

Robust Transmission

The wireless transmission system allows remote inspections beyond line of sight, through walls, and past obstacles without the need for GPS signals.

Definition & Detail

Side-by-side thermal and 4K cameras deliver detailed inspection images and data to create 2D measurements and 3D modeling. Discover every detail with 12MP still and video recording and 0.18 mm/px resolution.

Intelligent Lighting

With 10,000 lumens of adjustable light, our drone has the most powerful lighting system available, including specialized lighting for dust-filled environments. The drone also has an oblique lighting function that reveals textures and defects by creating shadows on uneven surfaces.


Drone inspections:

  • Protect employees and assets
  • Decrease downtime
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve data quality

Drone Inspection

The DEKRA Difference

DEKRA’s vision is to be the global partner for a safe world. The company employs more than 44,000 specialists worldwide focused on increasing safety in all areas of life, including industrial inspection, automotive testing, and product certification.

Our experienced team reduces human exposure to hazardous environments by utilizing best-in-class equipment and inspection methods, including robotic inspection technology. Whether a planned outage, emergency shutdown, or operational service, our global team of engineers and technicians is available to develop custom solutions to meet your needs.

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