After winning tender, operations are planned to begin within twelve months

DEKRA to Start Vehicle Inspections in Chile

Sep 25, 2019

The global number one in vehicle inspections, international expert organization DEKRA, is preparing to start operations in another country. After being awarded concessions by the Transport Ministry of Chile, DEKRA is working towards a start of operations in Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI) within the coming twelve months.

  • 20th PTI country for the global number one in the field
  • First step: Five inspection stations in Santiago Metropolitan Area
  • Company seeks to apply for further concessions in other regions
“Vehicle inspection as a contribution to road safety has been DEKRA’s core business for over 90 years”, explains Clemens Klinke, Member of the Board at DEKRA SE. “Authorities in Chile take this issue as seriously as we do, calling vehicles to PTI annually and applying high standards that can be compared to those in many European countries. We are pleased that we will now have the opportunity to make our decades of expertise in terms of road safety beneficial for road users also in Chile.”
With the nationwide fleet of vehicles growing continuously, Chilean authorities are also expanding PTI capacities by offering tenders in various regions. DEKRA has won concessions for five PTI stations in the metropolitan area of the capital of Santiago de Chile, giving DEKRA 15 percent of PTI capacities in the area.
“Our next steps will be to get administration, construction and recruiting under way, in order to be up and running by the date stated in the contract”, says Nicolas Bouvier, DEKRA Executive Vice President Vehicle Inspection. “With our colleagues in the South American Region, we want to reach a leading position in Chile in the coming years.”
Today, DEKRA is active in the field of vehicle inspection in 19 countries across the globe, from Germany to South Africa, from the U.S. to New Zealand. With 26 million worldwide, the company inspects more vehicles than any other organization. The latest addition to DEKRA’s world of PTI was China in 2019, where the first two stations opened in Shenzhen and Beijing.