Safe and sustainable micro mobility for German cities

DEKRA DIGITAL certifies Spin as first e scooter provider worldwide

May 11, 2021

E-scooter provider Spin has become the first company of its kind to be certified to DEKRA DIGITAL’s Micro Mobility Standard. In issuing this certification, DEKRA DIGITAL confirms that the company’s measures in 18 German cities, including Cologne, Dortmund, and Essen, meet the requirements of this standard. The certification was granted after a comprehensive process covering over 120 test items across eight categories.

  • Conformity with self-developed Micro Mobility Standard verified
  • Certification benefits users in 18 German cities
  • Intensive process covered 120 test items in eight categories
This was the first certification to have been awarded based on the Micro-Mobility Standard. DEKRA DIGITAL introduced this standard for safe and sustainable micro-mobility at the end of 2019. It is given to micro-mobility providers who operate sustainably and meet high safety standards in eight categories.
Alongside the technical design, production, delivery, and recycling of the e scooters, the certification process also looks at maintenance procedures, usability, data protection, and cooperation with city authorities. “We are pleased to have certified Spin as the first e-scooter provider in the world. This shows that Spin meets the safety and sustainability benchmarks defined in the Micro Mobility Standard. Further providers are currently undergoing the certification process, which should help make urban mobility safer,” says Dr. Kerim Galal, CEO of DEKRA DIGITAL.
Throughout the certification process, DEKRA DIGITAL brought together a number of international experts from the DEKRA group, in areas including vehicle safety, homologation, product testing, and connectivity. “We were able provide suitable verification for all requirements, demonstrating the measures we have taken to meet the standard,” explains Hendrik Büchner, Country Manager Germany at Spin.
Safety measures for e-scooters benefit users, pedestrians, and cities alike
DEKRA DIGITAL’s Micro Mobility Standard aims to help overcome the challenges e-scooters face in urban traffic, especially when it comes to safety. Independently certified micro-mobility is helping providers make their e scooter services safer and more sustainable. It also benefits other stakeholders like users, city authorities, pedestrian interest groups, and data privacy advocates. “We act as a neutral third party, providing expertise in safety and sustainability with our Micro Mobility Standard for the future mobility ecosystem. This makes us the partner of choice for safe micro-mobility – not only for providers, but for regulators and city authorities too,” continues Galal.
After successfully completing the certification process, Spin is now an officially certified micro-mobility company that meets the requirements for safety and sustainability laid out in the Micro Mobility Standard. The certificate awarded by DEKRA DIGITAL is valid until the end of April 2022. “We are very pleased to be the first mobility service provider in the world to receive such a certificate. It is a clear sign of Spin’s commitment to safety and sustainability,” says Hendrik Büchner.