AT4 wireless accredited as Test Laboratory for LoRa Alliance

DEKRA certifies for the Internet of Things

Oct 24, 2016
DEKRA subsidiary AT4 wireless has been appointed as the first accredited test laboratory in North America by the LoRa Alliance. At its laboratories in Herndon (Virginia, USA) and Málaga (Spain), DEKRA now provides testing services in North America and Europe for products under the LoRaWAN certification program.

Long-range wide-area network (LoRaWAN) is an open specification for connecting devices for secure communication in the Internet of Things (IoT). It is based on the industry standard LoRa and is specified and promoted by the LoRa Alliance, a non-profit organization. It is aimed at achieving seamless interoperability of devices connected to a LoRaWAN network all over the world in a defined way. The associated certification program is designed to ensure this for end users.

"The accreditation from the LoRa Alliance as a test laboratory in North America and Europe enables us to provide the most complete testing program for all key technologies in the wireless and mobile sector," said Fernando E. Hardasmal, Managing Director of AT4 wireless and responsible for Sales of the global DEKRA business unit Product Testing and Certification. "While LoRa is strongly placed on the market as a network technology, DEKRA is in a leading position in vertical markets such as automotive, medicine, information & communications technology, consumer goods, industry, and retail which rapidly integrate the IoT." Members of the LoRa Alliance can contact AT4 wireless directly regarding certification.