Recognition from CTIA

DEKRA approved as the first CTIA™ Authorized Testing Laboratory (CATL) for CTIA™ Cybersecurity Certification Test Plan for IoT Devices in Europe

Oct 17, 2019

DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U. has been recognized by CTIA™ as a CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory (CATL) for CTIA Cybersecurity Certification Test Plan for IoT Devices, providing additional security capabilities to the whole IoT ecosystem. These services are designed for IoT devices that connect to at least one network to exchange data with other devices, vehicles, home appliances or infrastructure elements.

CTIA manages a cybersecurity certification program for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, establishing an industry baseline for device security on wireless networks. The CTIA IoT Cybersecurity Certification Test Plan supports a variety of use cases and has three levels. The first level identifies core IoT device security features, whereas the second and third levels deal with security elements of increasing device complexity, sophistication and manageability.
“We are very proud and satisfied having obtained the recognition from CTIA as CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory, being the first recognized laboratory in Europe.” says Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President and Head of Service Division Product Testing at DEKRA. “This new service increases our cybersecurity testing and certification portfolio for IoT devices, which DEKRA continuously develops”.
“The new recognition places DEKRA as one of the leading companies for cybersecurity testing and certification for connected devices and offers our clients not only the ability to test, but also to profit from our extensive experience in cybersecurity projects.” says José Emilio Rico, Head of Cybersecurity at DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.
DEKRA offers a wide scope of cybersecurity services for different market segments and IoT device manufacturers. Tailored cybersecurity testing with vulnerability analyses, penetration testing, privacy and security evaluations are some of the main services provided to customers at the moment.
For more information about DEKRA’s cybersecurity services, please visit: www​.dekra-product-safety​.com/cyber-security . For more information about DEKRA’s wireless services, please visit: www​.dekra-product-safety​.com/wireless .
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