DEKRA provides online check for cyber security and data protection

Cyber-Secure Through the Pandemic

Sep 15, 2020

DEKRA experts have developed an online assessment tool for determining the fitness of IT security and data protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The free self-assessment shows companies how well prepared they are for the new challenges presented by COVID-19. In addition, the online check highlights opportunities as well as potential for improvement.

Many companies are wondering how COVID-19 is affecting cyber security and data protection in their organization. All over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing firms in all sectors to adapt their IT security and data processes to the “new normal”. Furthermore, DEKRA experts have observed a sharp rise in hacking and social engineering attacks in recent months.
Based on the self-assessment results, experienced DEKRA experts can also devise bespoke solutions for adapting the company's information security and data protection to the new situation.
You will find the free online check here: