DEKRA at automechanika:

Combined Test Concepts in Asia

Sep 13, 2016
  • Extensive laboratory services for the automotive industry in China
  • Chemical tests and material testing from a single source
  • Laboratory network offers production monitoring and damage analysis

DEKRA is presenting an extended range of services at the automechanika trade fair (September 13–17, 2016, in Frankfurt am Main). The DEKRA laboratory network will soon also offer chemical tests and material testing in China for automotive suppliers, manufacturers of spare parts and importers.

Combined test concepts from a single source allow manufacturers and importers to monitor production and procurement in China and to conduct random checks on the goods prior to shipment or after importing them. The DEKRA customers profit from the wealth of knowledge that the expert organization has in the automotive industry as well as from new laboratory locations. Moreover, the industry has access to the expertise of the DEKRA subsidiaries QuieTek and iST, which support the industry in Asia with methods including EMC testing, fault analysis and environmental simulations.

Material testing and chemical analyses from the DEKRA laboratories provide important information and assistance to car manufacturers and the supply industry. For example, DEKRA provides parameter calculation in mechanical testing, spectral analyses to determine the chemical composition of various metallic materials as well as corrosion tests and environmental simulations such as climate and UV weathering and plastics testing for add-on parts.

In Germany, the accredited laboratory for material and damage analysis in Saarbrücken specializes in material testing and damage analyses for parts of the automotive industry. In addition, the laboratory has a scanning electron microscope (SEM/EDS) and will soon even have a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM). This provides an even more detailed and more versatile range of tests in the area of damage analysis and component testing.

These services are supplemented by chemical analyses of materials, operating fluids, cleaning products and maintenance products by the laboratories in Stuttgart and Halle.

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