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ISO 20000: IT Management

ISO 20000 Certification For Your IT Service Management

Information technology and associated service management processes play an indispensable role for most companies. IT Service Management (ITSM) ensures the best possible IT services while meeting the needs of your customers. ISO 20000 certification documents the quality of your ITSM.

ISO 20000 Certification

The internationally recognized ISO 20000 standard is regarded as a measurable quality standard for IT service management. The standard defines requirements for those processes that must be implemented in your company in order to provide and optimize high-quality IT services. The requirements of ISO 20000 relate to the planning, structure, implementation, operation, control, and improvement of ITSM and are aligned with the process descriptions of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

We provide you with services supporting the certification of your ITSM according to ISO 20000. In contrast to ITIL certification, which certifies individuals, your entire company can be certified with an ISO 20000 certification. It indicates that your ITSM operates effectively, thereby increasing your customers' trust.

Only a Few Steps to Certify Your ITSM to ISO 20000

ITIL processes in IT Service Management - DEKRA Certification

The internationally recognized ISO 20000 standard makes IT quality measurable. In addition to identifying ITSM goals, key figures such as customer satisfaction, availability of IT services, IT security measures or capacities are also defined. Constant monitoring of these key figures and the associated continuous improvement process of ITSM is the core of ISO 20000.

When implementing IT Service Management, the following five ITIL processes should be taken into account:

  • Service strategy
    A strategy is defined to provide IT services according to the requirements of your customers.
  • Service design
    Fosters the development of new and the optimization of existing IT services.
  • Service transfer
    IT services are prepared and set up accordingly and finally implemented.
  • Service operation
    This process ensures the effective provision of IT services and also finds solutions to problems that arise.
  • Continuous service improvement
    Through constant monitoring, optimization measures can be derived and implemented to improve the efficiency and availability of IT services.

The following steps will lead you to your ISO 20000 certification:

  1. Definition of an ITSM policy and an IT service catalogue
    In preparation for certification: definition of ITSM goals, selection of IT services and implementation of corrective actions
  2. Internal audit and management review
    Coordination of the required resources and collection of suggestions for improvement for ITSM and IT Services
  3. Introductory talk
    Examination of the general operational audit capability
  4. Level 1 audit
    Rough examination of auditability, document examination, planning of the main audit
  5. Level 2 audit
    Detailed inspection of ITSM structure, processes and documentation, measurement and evaluation of process performance
  6. Post-audit (if necessary)
    Examination of deficiency corrections from the main audit
  7. Monitoring and recertification audit
    Maintenance of certification after 1-3 years

Increase the Availability and Quality of Your IT Services Through ISO 20000 Certification

IT Service Management and ISO 20000 certification increase the availability and security of your IT services by reducing downtime and the risk of errors. More efficient, structured processes and higher IT service quality are the result.

By continuously improving your processes, you as an IT service provider or IT operator also ensure the long-term functionality of your IT services and benefit from the cost and time savings. The resulting competitive advantage and the improved satisfaction of your customers are additional benefits of ISO 20000 certification.

ISO 20000 Certification With Our Experienced Team of Auditors

Our experts offer all the services you need for ISO 20000 certification from a single source with fast, highly professional support from our experienced and competent team of auditors. In a world of growing demands and increasing transparency, we are there for you and your customers.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to become certified to other management system standards, such as ISO 27001 , ISO 9001 , or ISO 45001 . You can also take advantage of integrated or combined certification audits.


The ISO/IEC 20000 standard is an internationally recognized and measurable quality standard for IT service management, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard consists of two parts: ISO/IEC 20000-1 defines the requirements for the introduction of an ITSM and ISO/IEC 20000-2 describes the best practices for service management. The second part is based on the process descriptions of the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®).

IT service management is an important link between successful business processes and IT. The implementation and management of qualitative IT services is to be continuously improved and controlled by the introduction of an ITSM. This is no longer based solely on a technological approach, but primarily on service optimization.

Before you decide to certify your IT Service Management system, you should consider the following conditions:

  • The entire management team should be committed to the project.
  • Employees involved in the project should see it as their personal goal to successfully complete the certification.
  • It is advisable to carry out a risk analysis in advance in order to be able to estimate in good time which problems may arise during certification and which countermeasures are appropriate.
  • The project management team should draw up a plan for how the newly defined and improved processes in the company are to be implemented in the future and with the help of which measures.
  • The goals previously set for certification should continue to be pursued even after the certificate has been successfully obtained.

ISO 20000 certification offers you the following advantages:

  • You improve your entire IT service management.
  • You can increase your customers' confidence in your company.
  • You reduce downtimes and minimize the risk of errors in your IT services.
  • You benefit in the long term from cost and time savings.
  • You increase your competitiveness.

All companies that want to improve their IT service processes can be certified according to the ISO 20000 standard and benefit from its advantages. However, certification is particularly relevant for companies that are required to prove the quality of their IT service processes. This applies, for example, to banks, insurance companies or companies in the automotive industry.

The ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library®) best practices describe technical-methodological principles and offer a set of rules for process optimization of IT services. However, ITIL® is a guideline for effective IT service management rather than a standard in the ISO sense of the word. The implementation of the processes described therein for the optimization of services prepares you well for certification according to ISO 20000.

ITIL processes in IT Service Management - DEKRA Certification

We certify your company according to ISO 20000 according to the following steps:

  1. Definition of an ITSM policy and an IT service catalogue
    To prepare for certification, ITSM goals and IT services are defined and corrective measures implemented as required.
  2. Internal audit and management review
    An internal audit is performed to make decisions on required resources and suggestions for improving ITSM and IT services.
  3. Introductory talk
    In an initial meeting, we clarify the general operational audit capability.
  4. Stage 1 audit
    In the stage 1 audit, a preliminary check of the audit capability, a document check, and the planning for the main audit take place.
  5. Stage 2 audit
    In the stage 2 audit, a detailed examination of the ITSM structure and the processes and documentation is carried out, and the process performance is measured and evaluated.
  6. Post-audit (if necessary)
    If necessary, deficiency corrections from the stage 2 audit are checked in a post-audit.
  7. Monitoring and recertification audit
    To maintain certification after 3 years, a recertification audit is carried out.

Did you know DEKRA can perform remote audits?

DEKRA offers remote audit solutions that increase flexibility, while decreasing setup time and travel costs. Remote audits include the same processes as on-site audits, but use secure technology to conduct interviews and tours, review documents, and inspect systems remotely. An audit may be fully remote or utilize a blended approach, depending on your needs and capabilities. Our remote audits meet ISO 19011:2018 and IAF MD 4:2018 standards for security and are accepted by ANAB.

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