Joint Award by DVR, EVU and DEKRA

Alexander Berg Receives European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award

Oct 12, 2018

Alexander Berg has received the European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award. The 66-year-old former head of DEKRA Accident Research and DEKRA Crash Test Center was presented with the award at the 2018 annual congress of the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU) in Dubrovnik.

“I am delighted to have the honor of presenting the European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award to a long-standing colleague this year,” said EVU President Jörg Ahlgrimm in his congratulatory speech. “His tireless commitment to the cause of truck safety has always been exemplary – right from the very first commercial vehicle crash test that DEKRA conducted back in the 1980s and for which he designed the entire test setup and all the required systems, through to the ongoing internationalization of the work undertaken by DEKRA Accident Research.”
This year, for the 29th time, the award for outstanding technical innovations or overall contributions is being presented by the EVU, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) and DEKRA to individuals who have played a special role in enhancing the safety of commercial vehicles.
After completing an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, Alexander Berg studied mechanical engineering in Heilbronn and Stuttgart before joining DEKRA in October 1982. He initially worked in the Accident Reconstruction department and then, in 1985, moved to DEKRA Accident Research. From 1996 to 2006, he headed DEKRA Automobil GmbH’s Accident Research department and the Crash Test Center in Neumünster, which underwent ongoing expansion under his tenure. Until his retirement in 2017, he was in charge of International Projects & Business Development at the DEKRA Technology Center.
The award-winner was actively involved in a number of research projects and is the co-holder of three patents in the fields of motorcycle and commercial vehicle safety. Over many decades, he has regularly brought his specialist knowledge to bear at expert symposiums and gatherings all over the world as well as in various national and international committees. He initiated the DEKRA “Commercial Vehicle Safety” and “Load Securing on Road Vehicles” symposiums, which for many years have brought together experts from all over the world and were recently combined in the new DEKRA Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference event format.
Alexander Berg regularly gives talks about commercial vehicles at the University of Graz and is an associate lecturer at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University campus in Horb. At DEKRA, he continues to provide support in the training of prospective inspection engineers. He is also the author of multiple technical papers and active as a speaker.
DEKRA Board Member Clemens Klinke on the award: “The progress we have seen over the past few decades when it comes to the safety of commercial vehicles is impressive and the results are clear to see in the accident statistics. For more than 90 years, DEKRA has committed itself to bringing about this progress. Over the course of several decades, Alexander Berg has made a valuable contribution here – including through his consistent in-depth involvement in preparing the DEKRA Road Safety Report.”
DVR President Dr. Walter Eichendorf honored the award-winner with the following words: “Thanks to his decades-long commitment to research, teaching and practice, Alexander Berg has made a vital contribution to enhancing road safety in Europe. Accident Research provides us with crucial information about how commercial vehicles can be designed in the future to make them safer, above all. Only through a process of continuous improvement can we achieve the goal of our Vision Zero safety strategy: zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads!”
The award winners:
1990 Prof. Dr. Pal Strifler (Daimler), Hungary
1991 Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Marx (Bremen University), Germany
1992 Prof. Ernst Göhring (Daimler), Germany
1993 Prof. Dr. Klaus Langwieder (European Insurances Association), Germany
1994 Prof. Dr. Egon-Christian von Glasner (Daimler), Germany
1995 Prof. Dr. Gyula Köfalvi (Universität Györ), Hungary
1996 Siegfried Werber (DVR), Germany
1997 Prof. Dr. Pál Michelberger (Budapest University, President of FISITA), Hungary
1998 Eric Thoms (Scania), Sweden
1999 Toru Kajiyama (Isuzu), Japan
2000 Richard Hildebrandt (Allied Signal), USA
2001 Paul Oppenheimer MBE (Lucas-Girling), UK
2002 Prof. Dr. Jovan Todorovic (Universität Belgrad), Yugoslavia
2003 Bernard Tripier (Bosch), France
2004 Prof. Dr. Sigmar Micke (Bosch), USA
2005 Friedrich-Wilhelm Matzner (Bendiberica), Spain
2006 Dr. Fujio Momiyama (Hino), Japan
2007 Dr. Jürgen Trost (Daimler), Germany
2008 Lennart Svenson (Volvo), Sweden
2009 Prof. Dr. László Palkovics (Knorr), Hungary
2010 Prof. Dr. Hartmut Marwitz (Daimler), Germany
2011 Hidehiko Enomoto (Hino), Japan
2012 Eberhard Hipp (MAN), Germany
2013 Christian Börner (BG Fahrzeuge), Germany
2014 Dr. Erwin Petersen (WABCO), Germany
2015 Prof. Dr. Jörg Zürn (Daimler), Germany
2016 Dr. Christian Wiehen (WABCO), Germany
2017 Fredrich Claezon (Scania), Sweden
2018 Alexander Berg (DEKRA), Germany