DEKRA company AT4 wireless will conduct independent tests

Agreement with Wi-Fi Alliance to test LTE-U coexistence with Wi-Fi

Aug 10, 2016
AT4 wireless – a DEKRA company – will provide testing services to assess fair coexistence of Wi-Fi and LTE in unlicensed spectrum (LTE-U) devices in accordance with the Wi-Fi Alliance Coexistence Test Plan. The testing assesses whether commercially available LTE-U devices coexist fairly with Wi-Fi in the same environment.

The development and deployment of LTE-U devices, which utilize 4G LTE radio communications technology in unlicensed spectrum, introduces the possibility of interference with Wi-Fi equipment operating in the same bands. Small deviations in LTE-U design requirements may affect Wi-Fi performance when working in proximity and in the same frequency band. AT4 wireless will conduct independent testing based on objective tests and an industry-approved methodology to verify that LTE-U products do not violate fairness indicators.

Wi-Fi Alliance agreed to qualify AT4 wireless to provide testing services based on the Coexistence Test Plan, which is being developed by members of the Wi-Fi and LTE-U communities in Wi-Fi Alliance. The Performance Test Tool from AT4 wireless will collect the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), such as throughput, latency (one-way delay), and jitter (latency variation). Official testing will commence once Wi-Fi Alliance releases the final Coexistence Test Plan.